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智慧無限  源古至今 had its premiere in the World Wide Web on August 1998. Beginning as a personal WebPages where the author shares with the Greater Chinese Community his passion of his own culture and religion, has been providing information on Chinese History, Religions and Cultures.



Chinese civilization is one of the oldest and richest in the World. The breadth and depth is way beyond one's ability to comprehend thoroughly, not even scholars and experts on Chinese Studies can claim they understand it all. With growing number of Chinese population dispersed around the world and the growing pace of  globalization, many Chinese people has loss touch with their own origin and traditions. This website is a humble attempt to nourish people's interest in their own root and to generate discussions and exchanges of ideas. 

The creation and maintenance of this website is solely the webmaster's personal effort, the resources are inevitably limited and exhaustive. He sincerely anticipates collaboration and cooperation of other interested parties.





The major area that this website covers includes History, Buddhism, Scholars and Poets, Heroes and Fables, and a popular section on Chinese Surnames. There are also feature columns about Chinese Festivals and Current Affairs. To promote readers' interaction, readers can submit their opinion on nominated topic. Email service is also provided to readers so that anyone can register for a cool email address "".
If there are not many websites that address Chinese culture, there is even less which address Buddhism, the most influential religion in the history of China. The concept of Buddhism is rather sophisticated and the literature are hard to read. unveils Buddhism in simple words and stories so that viewers can begin to understand this religion.

Presentation wise, many readers showed their appreciation of the portraits of the Personalities and Buddha. It is the webmaster's honour to be granted the authorization to use these portraits by the author, Mr. Lu Yan Guang, a respective modern Chinese artist. The input has greatly enhanced the artistic value and added the pleasure of reading to the website .




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